About the Authors

Tom Conway leads Conway & Associates, focusing on clarity, alignment and communication within families. After gaining clarity around their goals in five areas of legacy (personal, family, financial, business, and philanthropic), they ensure that the existing plan aligns with that clarity. Finally, they help the family communicate their plan to the next generations. READ MORE


Lori Coonen is a Heritage Design Professional™ trained and certified by The Heritage Institute, Appleton, WI. Working alongside families for over 20 years, she helps to connect generations, enhance communication and leadership skills, and provide opportunities to identify common values and purpose to strengthen and unify families. READ MORE


Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with a missional focus, Todd DeKruyter (duh-’kry-ter) uses his financial and philanthropic expertise to help families and individuals stay true to what matters as they navigate professional and financial success. Todd serves as the President of The Center for Family Conversations after a career in financial planning and ministry.READ MORE


Daryle Doden is the founder and CEO of Ambassador Enterprises, a philanthropic equity firm investing for the glory of God – the building of his kingdom, the betterment of mankind, and financial sustainability – in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.READ MORE


Steve Gardner is an author, editor, executive coach (CPC), and songwriter. He recently ended eight years of full-time service with Ambassador Enterprises, most recently as the leader of Legal and Legacy. He continues to write for them on a contract basis while pursuing his freelance career as a writer for multiple organizations. Prior to Ambassador, Steve wrote and edited books, multimedia products, and global training materials for Crown Financial Ministries. He hosted “Three Men and a Book,” a monthly radio program and co-hosted the broadcast, “Marriage Matters,” with his wife, Maria.READ MORE


Bill High is the Chief Executive Officer of National Christian Foundation Heartland. He works with families, individual givers, and financial advisors, sharing the foundation’s message regarding biblical generosity and charitable giving. Much of that work includes advising on issues of income tax planning, business sale, real estate and estate planning. Bill instructs families in documenting their family vision and creating mission statements.READ MORE


Frank Mullins knows from personal experience the disastrous effects of failed traditional asset and tax-driven estate planning. A member of the third generation of what was once an affluent family, Frank has personally experienced the painful reality of the American proverb, “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” The opportunity to help other families successfully reach their desired planning outcomes fuels Frank’s passion to serve. He has coined the term “Family-centric Planning” to describe and differentiate his process that starts with identification of each family’s qualitative outcomes.READ MORE


 Jerry Nuerge, cofounder of the Center for Family Conversations and owner of the Financial Independence Group, has a rich background in family coaching and financial planning. He is also the creator of the Wealth Integration and Transfer System™, the Generation Connection Process™, and the Revenue Retrieval System™.READ MORE


Alan Pratt, CEP, CAP, is a family legacy advisor specializing in philanthropy and family wealth preservation. He brings a unique blend of personal experience and technical knowledge to the estate planning process, helping families understand, in plain English, their options for preserving wealth in a way that honors their underlying values. Alan’s company, Pratt Legacy Advisors, has created Legacy Planning from the Heart™, a process to integrate life experiences and enhanced family communication within the estate planning process.READ MORE


Jeff Rogers, CKA®, CEP®, founder and chairman of Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC, is a family and business legacy coach/advocate with over 30 years of experience helping clients create a thriving family legacy. With an extensive background in zero-estate-tax planning as well as asset protection, strategic and tactical tax planning, and charitable giving strategies, he often assists business owners to dramatically increase the profitability and value of their business while preparing the next generation of leaders for effectively passing the baton. His company also helps businesses create continuity with succession and exit plans when founders or owners desire to transfer or liquidate.READ MORE


Johnne Syverson has more than 40 years of experience helping individuals, families, and business owners design and plan their futures. He is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) Practitioner and one of only 1,800 practitioners in the United States who is credentialed as an Accredited Estate Planner (AEP).READ MORE


Louis Upkins, CEO of Upkins & Co, is passionate about purposeful living and the impact it can have as he coaches families regarding legacy creation. As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and ally in the entertainment industry, Louis conducted projects as diverse as brokering deals between Oprah and Starbucks, and consulting on national campaigns for the likes of McDonald’s, Gap, and UPS. READ MORE