Begun in March 2013, the Center for Family Conversations is a faith-based resource center that provides the integral tools and ideas in helping families establish a 100-year-plus Family Legacy Plan.

Families are designed by God to last for generations. Money can help that happen, but it often doesn’t. In fact, 90 percent of estate plans fail by the end of the third generation, leaving heirs broke and often dysfunctional. The problem isn’t poor legal and financial planning; it’s inadequate relational planning and heir preparation.

The Center for Family Conversations is bringing staying power to family legacies. We create events, resources, and environments giving families space to experience field-tested models and stories without imposing on anyone’s unique situation.


“The world is shaped by two things – stories told and the memories they leave behind.”

~ Vera Nazarian

“We can tell people abstract rules of thumb which we have derived from prior experiences, but it is very difficult for other people to learn from these. We have difficulty remembering such abstractions, but we can more easily remember a good story. Stories give life to past experience.”

~ Roger C. Shank