• Wesley Young

    Author, Speaker, Financial Adviser—“Have you ever heard the statement, “More money makes you more of what you already are”? unPrepared’s insights and examples prepare heirs to become extraordinary stewards of the family’s total wealth (including but not limited to financial wealth).”

  • Ron Blue

    Founder, Ronald Blue, Author, Speaker—“What good is it to inherit a pile of money if the family falls apart in the process? Too many estate planners have had their eye on the wrong ball. This book is an eye opener.”

  • Philip Cubeta

    The Wallace Chair in Philanthropy, The American College of Financial Services—“Is your estate plan done for you, or with you? Are you in control of the good or harm your plan my do to your heirs? unPrepared, written by experienced leaders in the legacy planning field, will help you set direction for your legacy planning team. It will also forcefully remind you of the most important work that only you can do – preparing your heirs for their inheritance. Do not go to your Trusts and Estates attorney without having first read this book.”

  • Guy Baker

    Past President of the Million Dollar Round Table—“One of the best investments any client will ever make in their family.”

  • Dennis T. Jaffe

    Wise Counsel—“This book is a practical, deeply personal, and wise approach to passing an inheritance of value.”

  • Dan Sullivan

    Founder of The Strategic Coach, Inc.—“There is tremendous freedom and confidence in knowing that the wealth you’re amassing will have a positive impact on the lives of those you care about most. Yet getting to that point requires thinking and planning that is outside the comfort zone or expertise of most entrepreneurs. The path to preparedness becomes much clearer and simpler thanks to these authors’ years of distilled experience with high-net-worth families. Greater confidence, capability, and peace of mind await those with the courage to enter the conversations in these pages.”

  • Patricia Miller

    Co-founder of Vera Bradley—“I want all my children to read unPrepared and discuss it with the entire family.”

  • Phil Clemens

    Retired Chairman and Family Ambassador, Clemens Family Corporation—“A MUST READ for every successful family business owner.”

  • Steve Leimberg

    Publisher, Leimberg Information Services, Inc. (LISI)—“If you don’t buy and read unPrepared, those you love and care about could pay a steep price for the questions you should have asked yourself – but didn’t.”

  • Barbara Baekgaraard

    Co-founder of Vera Bradley—“I encourage everyone to read this.”

  • Howard Dayton

    Founder and CEO of Compass – finances God’s way—“DNA provides an amazing thread of continuity through generations. It takes much more, however, to preserve a legacy of choice. Preparing heirs to build well on the foundation you lay requires living and communicating important values. This book raises the right questions, offers valuable insights from a variety of perspectives, and helps parents achieve a shared vision within the family.”

  • John Faulkner

    Founder & Editor in Chief, TwoTen Magazine—“I’m a bit of a book snob – so if a book doesn’t “catch” me, I put it down. I read unHeritage cover to cover – one of the most practical books on finances and legacy I have ever read! I can’t wait to implement the steps you laid out.”